United Health Services: Transportation Optimization

  • Megan Drake
  • Haoming Li
  • Enzo Sacchetti
  • Inigo Saez
  • Christopher Shutler
Keywords: Vehicle Routing, Transportation, Optimization, Healthcare


This project is based off the desire to improve the efficiency and customer service of the United Health Services transportation departments to minimize fuel costs, turnaround time, mileage, and duplicate deliveries by May 2019. United Health Services, a medical care provider in southern New York State, has two delivery and transportation departments that service 60 facilities. Materials Handling has two drivers and a weekly schedule and oversees the delivery of various medical supplies such as bandages, syringes, and crutches. External Transportation is staffed by 12 drivers and delivers time sensitive, patient-oriented supplies such as clean and used linen, specimens, and mail, utilizing a daily schedule. The goal of the project is to merge the two departments, focusing on route schedules and the loading and unloading processes, to improve the information flow and product flow of both operations.


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Drake, M., Li, H., Sacchetti, E., Saez, I., & Shutler, C. (2019). United Health Services: Transportation Optimization. Industrial and Systems Engineering Review, 7(1), 38-43. https://doi.org/10.37266/ISER.2019v7i1.pp38-43