Current Use of Management Systems and Quality Tools in Companies Located in the State of Puebla Province, Mexico and Surroundings

  • Luis Gomez-Jaimes UPAEP
  • Luis Cuautle-Gutierrez UPAEP


According to what Geert Hofstede stated in his study of cultural dimensions, the Mexican society it is characterized for having a relatively small desire to save for the future and wanting quick results; this type of disruption also occurs in most firms placed in Mexico. One way of effectively managing the companies and stopping them from falling into this kind of disorganization, is through the implementation of quality tools and quality management systems (QMS). Nonetheless, are the companies in the state of Puebla and its surroundings, using these methods to achieve a continuous improvement? Or are these methods being “implemented” to keep operating in the current market? The main objective of this paper is to show that the knowledge acquired during college by employees about QMS and QCT and their application in the industries located in the studied region, allows highlighting a contrast as indicated in the study of cultural dimensions.


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